St. Mary’s Day Care and Preparatory School proudly stood out in a coding showdown, competing against fellow Eastern Region schools in the exhilarating Hour of Code challenge, organized by Edify Ghana. Under the steadfast guidance of Rev. Joseph Godson Amadeus, the indomitable mentor of St. Mary’s Smart Coders, students embarked on a transformative journey of learning and creativity. Their awareness of coding’s relevance in shaping their futures ignited their passion and dedication. Delving into real-world educational issues through comprehensive research, these students unearthed a critical problem: the lack of parental involvement in their children’s education. In response, they undertook the ambitious task of crafting a solution from scratch. Their ingenuity and drive materialized in the form of a meticulously designed website, strategically divided into seven tabs: Home, About, Smart Class, Smart School, Smart Counsel, Eduworld, and Feedback. This innovative website had a clear mission: to bridge the gap between parents and education. By housing valuable resources and interactive features, the platform aimed to actively engage parents in their children’s learning journey. The dedication of Samantha Pokuah Aboagye, Manuela Debrah Kissi, Joy Seyram Gligah, Bani Lilian Afi, and Awuku Babina Amoabea was evident in every aspect of their project. Their remarkable achievement came to fruition when their solution emerged victorious in the Eastern Regional Competition. This outstanding accomplishment earned them well-deserved recognition during the Edtech Conference held at Accra’s Alisa Hotel on August 17th, 2023. Edify Ghana celebrated their triumph by granting a term’s tuition fee scholarship, certificates, and valuable items. Rev. Amadeus, the catalyst behind their success, was honoured with a special certificate for his unwavering commitment to nurturing young talents. Additionally, the team received an HP Laptop from Edify Ghana, further empowering their technological endeavours. St. Mary’s extends its gratitude to parents and Edify Ghana for their unwavering support, and their profound collaboration in shaping these exceptional learners. The school eagerly anticipates the continued growth and achievements of Team Edify.

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